Fall Fashion Accessory

Magnetic Lashes That Are So Easy to Apply

Magnetic lashes can be seen on the eyes of runway models during fashion week, as well as on the red carpet on the flirty eyes of your favorite Hollywood stars. Today, you too can get the luscious look of a full set of falsies – without using any eyelash glue at all. That’s because there is a hot new beauty product that Allure magazine is calling a game changer in the world of beauty, and they are right!

I’m talking about magnetic false eyelashes that attach in seconds, all without the use of any stinky, sticky adhesive. The magnetic lashes are made exclusively for a company called One Two Cosmetics, and they are called One Two Lash.

Here’s how easy it is to put on a pair of One Two Lash magnetic lashes

Take the top One Two Lash out of the hard case, and gently hold it at the base of the lash (near the magnets).

Then hold the One Two Lash so the edges line up with your natural lash line.

Let the top One Two Lash rest on top of your natural lash, and then grab the other One Two Lash out of the case. You’ll know it’s the bottom magnetic lash because it has a red dot on it.

Then, holding the bottom One Two Lash under your top natural lash, allow the mini-magnets to pull towards each other.

Then … SNAP! The One Two Lashes sandwich your natural lash between them, and now all you have to do is blink a few times to set the lashes in place.

Honestly, it does take a few times to get the hang of this because you need to be able to feel how strong the magnets are, before they take over the application process. But once you do it a few times, it’s pretty easy.

If you feel like you messed up, and you have to re-apply the One Two Lashes, just place the soft pads of your index finger, and thumb at the mini-magnets on the lash line of the One Two Lashes, and slide your fingers in opposite directions.

Fall Fashion Accessory

NOTE: Don’t try to ever pull the One Two Lashes off, because it can damage the lashes, and reduce the amount of times you can wear them. Ideally, you may get one set of One Two Lash magnetic lashes as a fashion accessory to maintain the natural curl of the lash up to 3 months with proper application, and re-use.

It took me just a little while to master this process, then after putting the One Two Lashes on at home, at the gym, and even in the bathroom at my office I realized how to get them on in just seconds. Now, if I need to glam up my look I can do it in any outfit, even my boyfriend jeans, and a T-shirt. I just follow the simple steps you see above, and BAM … I go from frumpy to high fashion!

The magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics are really a lifesaver fashion accessory if you ask me because I cannot tell you how many times I’ve needed to transition from one daytime look, into evening, and then back again – all in one day! Because I travel a lot for my job too, I also find that the One Two Lash magnetic lashes make it easy to look beautiful, all without caking on a lot of makeup. And it’s not that you can’t apply additional makeup to the One Two Lash magnetic lashes, because you can!

How Many Different Looks Can I Create With One Two Lash?

Ok, so … there are 3 different styles of One Two Lash magnetic lashes that you can choose from. They include the ultra-natural Original Lash, made to look long, lush, and naturally beautiful. I like to wear this set to places like my child’s school, and even the gym if I want to amp up my look without much effort. Next, is the Bold Lash with longer length, and a high-intensity volume. I like to wear these thicker-looking falsies to events like those of fashion week, or when I have a more glamorous overall evening look to pull off. The Accent Lash magnetic lashes make my eyes seem a little more coy, and mysterious as they have a subtle, flirty hint of a curl at the end of each lash. They are a great way to add an elegant accent to enhance my eyes, or any understated look.

Can I Wear One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes?

The options are really limitless when it comes to the magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics. There is a One Two Lash style for everyone, and every look! And when I really want to glam up, I’ll take a Bold Lash set, and be-jewel them. Have you seen this? You can actually stick tiny crystals right on the back side of the magnetic lashes, and remove them with the exclusive One Two Wash from One Two Cosmetics.

I was able to make just one set of the Original Lash magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics last for almost 3 months because I was extra careful when I washed them. If you do that, and don’t touch the actual area where the lashes are too roughly, you can probably get the same amount of wear out of your One Two Lashes.

Final Thoughts

So, go ahead, and get glam lashes! It’s never been easier with the One Two Lash magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics.

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